Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Manage your passwords.

Internet is ever growing and resulting in many accounts. So it become really difficult to remember or manage your passwords. One way is to make a note on notepad or word, but obviously its not secure. Another way is to let your browser remember it, but anyone using your computer can access your password and your account. There are few really safe methods to manage your passwords. These are:
  1. RoboForm
  2. keepass
  3. Clipperz
  4. Password Manager Plus
  5. Password Hasher
  6. Password Generator

Find out how many views your wordpress blog has received.

Just go to the Dashboard of your blog, on the left hand side click on Appearance tab>>widgets. Locate Blog stats click on it and drag it to right hand side on the sidebar. Click save. Now Blog stats widget is added to your blog. Visit your blog page and you will see on right hand side a number of hits your blog has received. These numbers would also be visible to the visitor of your blog whenever they will visit. Just a nice way to see how much traffic is there on your blog. Isn't it cool, just add it if you wanna know traffic stats of your blog.

All TV episodes at one place.

With internet booming, you see that you can find everything on internet. Watch shows and serials at TV has become obsolete. A new way to do this is http://www.youtube.com/shows. Here you can get most of the TV shows absolutely free. On TV we have to be on time to watch a particular show else we miss it. However on Youtube you can watch whenever you are free or whenever you feel like to watch. Even those episodes which were shown months before can be seen here. As you can see on that link, there are so many youtube channels providing you with so many serials.  You can chose to watch them or even download them to watch it later. Also if you like any particular one, you can watch it multiple times. Isn't that cool. Youtube brings it all to you and it really makes it easy. Few of my favorite one which i watch on here are Crime Patrol and CID. Check out are your favorite ones available or not. This service of Youtube is growing and over a period of time you will see TV getting out of picture. In fact today we can see even televisions turning so many facilities of internet. In a way both are blending into one complete solution to needs of public.

Firefox Showcase: a new way to manage tabs in Firefox browser.

It is a Firefox add on extension which modifies the view of the tabs that you have opened in such a way that makes easy to you to manage them. It also has a search option to find out the tab you are looking for, if you have opened too many. So if you are one of the internet geeks and normally surf too many websites without closing the previous one, this could be really useful extension that you should download. It will look like this after you add on this extension.
Click here to download it>>Firefox Showcase<<

Find out the host server of any website.

This online website called whoishostingthis.com is free service which lets you know the host server of any website. Now this could be really helpful to choose hosting server for your website. Just check out the few websites of your interest and sort out which one will suit you. Since there are website which have their own servers like Facebook, Google etc. so you can know which website is self hosted and which are being hosted on other servers. Visit whoishostingthis.com and type the name of website whose hosting server you want to know and click enter to get the answer. In addition, you can also get the reviews for that particular host. Its really a helpful tool for bloggers and newbies.

Create animation movies.

Check this free online software application pencil. It is used to draw animated pictures and turn them into 2D flash video or movie. To explore beautiful piece of art, this computer software can really be helful.Please note that it is not a substitute for flash, however its a kind of traditionally art on computer. You might be knowing the "flip of book" in which we draw many pics on different pages of book and then continously flip it to get the complete moving picture. This software does the same for you. Check this piece of its creation.


Just visit the website, click on download and use. This is free but not very easy to use. So before trying it please check the user manual. Its fun and creative.
You can check out pencil tutorial on youtube.

Multiple sign in for Gmail has become much simpler..

Google provides multiple sign in feature to manage all your accounts in a single browser. Without this, it becomes very difficult to manage your different accounts let you have for work and home, separate ones. Now you could be either first signing out from the first and then logging in to second and doing this every time whenever you switch. Or you can use different browser for each of your account. But the best option is to use this multiple sign in feature and now it is much simpler to use it.
  • Just login to any of your Gmail account.
  • On the top right your email address is written, just click on that.
  • On the drop down list, click switch account option.
  • Open sign in to another account in a new tab.
  • It will show you that you are already signed in to a particular account and now just enter the account address and password of you other account in which you want to login.
  • Click sign in and now you are actually operating two gmail accounts simultaneously in one browser.
  • You can do this for any number of accounts.
Therefore no need of switching login and logout or multiple browsers. This feature is available in many Google services but however there is different way to do this in them which is just a little complex. However, in Gmail its too easy and simple.

Block any website using host file.

You can block any website which you feel could be bad for any of your family members or any other person who uses your computer. This can be done by altering the host file. Here is the location of host file.
C: >> Windows >> System32 >> drivers >> etc >> hosts
Click on this file to open it. If it asks which program to use for opening it then choose notepad. At the bottom of this file there would be few or at least one ip address like this: localhost

Just add the website that you want to block as shown. For example you want to block http://www.facebook.com/ then it should look like this: localhost www.facebook.com

Now close the notepad and click save. Just check www.facebook.com and you will see its blocked. In a way you can add any number of websites that you want to block.

Annoyed of auto loading of flash animations, use Flashblock

Whenever we open any web page having flash video then it automatically starts uploading. Flashblock is an add on browser app which blocks flash and gives you an option for not blocking in case you want to see it. Now its not that you have to click every time if you want to run any flash content. Its a smart app and gives you an option to let show you flash for some particular website. You can always edit it. Also it can detect the embedded flash videos and then accordingly take action. For example if you intend to watch any Youtube video embedded on any other website and you have enabled flash viewing for Youtube then it will not block any Youtube video across the web. 
You can get this add on here.

Find how much RAM Firefox is consuming and manage it: Memory Restart

Firefox is really one of the finest browsers and it is best when it comes to customisation. However one negative thing is that its little more bulkier(than Google Chrome) and slow. You might be surprised to know much much RAM your Firefox is consuming. Here is an app (or add on), Memory Restart  that lets you know the memory usage by the browser and more importantly gives you a quick way to restart if memory usage is too high and hence prevents it from being slow. Once you install this add on you would be able to see the actual number(of memory usage) on top right. Once it get too high and exceed the limit(decided by you) the number turns out to be red in color.Just click on the number and reloading of browser takes place and the memory occupied will decrease by large amount.

Hide all your internet browsing details: Incognito window.

In Google Chrome browser, you have an option of Incognito window on top right. Just check this pic if you are not able to find it.
Also you can use the shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + N. This Incognito window is really cool way to make your browsing private. If you activate this Incognito window mode for browsing, all the pages you visit won't be stored in any browser and search history. All the cookies and cache are deleted once the browser is closed. No trace of your browsing would be left in browser after you close your incognito window.  However using incognito window doesn't make any difference with other servers and software. For example
  • Websites that store information about you.
  • ISP that track the pages you visit.
  • Various other softwares. 
  But still it's really useful way to make your internet private especially to escape your relatives peek.

Embed games to your website.

Just check how it works.

Now a lot of websites offer embed codes which can let games appear on your website. Just copy the embed code and paste it in html section of your blog post or website. And just check that it appears on your website. Isn't that cool to have games on your blog. Not all websites offer embed option. Here are few which offer embedding games option.


One windows keyboard shortcut that you must know if you have vision problem.

For people finding hard to read standard font text on internet must know how to enlarge it. Its very simple. Just use this keyboard shortcut.
(ctrl key) and (+ key) when pressed simultaneously enlarges the screen and so the fonts as well. Pressing it multiple times enlarges it many times. So in a way it becomes much easier to read text. On the other way, to diminish it press (ctrl key) and (- key) simultaneously. You can try this and make the size of font as per your requirement.

Search Google by voice.

Google has launched voice search for Google.com search engine. This was announced by Google in June 2011 and would be coming soon. It would only be supported by Google Chrome browser. Before this Google has provided this voice service in some devices like voice search to the BlackBerry Pearl version of Google Maps for mobile, Google Mobile app for Blackberry and Nokia (Symbian) mobiles that  allows users to search Google by voice. However now it would be offered for everyone for Google search engine where Queries can be search just by click and voice. It would be supported in many languages. And also for this service you need an attached microphone which can input your voice.You can get this Google chrome app here. Also please note that this is not 100 percent correct and may have minor problems but overall its really a cool app.

Check this out to get more idea on how it works.

Monday, 26 March 2012

How to find top Google search keywords.

Google Analytics  is a service offered by google to find and compare searc patterns across specific regions, categories, time frames and properties. Thus to find top keyword searched on Google in India related to movies, just set the filter to India and  movies and press search.

In a way you can set filter as per your requirement such as any country you want and any category like Autos & Vehicles, Beauty & Fitness,Books & Literature,Business & Industrial, Computers & Electronics, Finance, Food & Drink, Games, Hobbies & Leisure, Home & Garden, Internet & Telecom, Jobs & Education, People & Society, Pets & Animals, Real Estate, Reference, Science, Shopping, sports, Travel. Also you can set time filter to get results for a particular time period. Also this analytics search can be for images or entire web. Therefore you can get desired results for most searched keywords.

Now this can prove out to be really useful tool if you are about to set up your own website and looking for domain name. That is the one which is most searches, you domain name should be close to that. Also while writing the headings of post just take this into consideration to optimize your blog as per SEO. This is really a beneficial tool for increasing traffic to your website or blog.

Top Online Shopping Websites in India

Here you can shop Mobile Phones, Computers, Digital Cameras, Electronics, Kitchenware, Watches, Home Appliances, Stationery, Health Care, Gaming, Toys and lot more.
Here you can buy Accessories, Apparel, Appliances, Baby Products, Books, Cakes, Cameras, CD-Roms, Chocolates, Condoms, Cosmetics, Electronics, Festivals, Fine Arts, Flowers and Bouquets, Food and Drink, Gift Articles, Gift Vouchers, Handicrafts, Health and Beauty, Home Decor and Furnishings, Hot Deals, Jewellery, Laptop and Accessories, Mobiles, Movies, Music, Perfumes, Pooja and Spirituality, Stationery, Sweets, Toys, Watches etc..

Jewellery, women, men , kids , watches , shoes , home & furnishing , health & beauty , food &, beverages , gifts & hampers , spiritual , electronics.
here also you can get almost everything like shoes, clothing, bags, lifestyle, jewellery, home products, lingerie.
Electronics,Home & Living, Computers & Tablets , Mobiles & MP3 Players , Camera & Photography, Books, Movies & Music , Clothes, Shoes & Accessories , Perfumes & Personal Care, Gifts & Handicrafts etc..

Gifts and Flowers  Fashion , Exclusive Offers , Electronics , Valentine , Personal Care , Home products, Brands etc..

Fashion for Women, Fashion for Men, Games & Gaming Consoles, iPads & Other Tablets, Flowers, Mobiles & Accessories, Sweets & Chocolates and much more like lifestyle, kids, jewellery, apparels etc..

Men, Women, Kids, Fragrances & Beauty, Home & Travel, Gift Ideas etc..
for women lingerie shopping like bra, panties, swim suit, tops, jumpsuits, accessories, shapewear and other fittings.
Men and women clothes and footwear, bags, T shirts, tops, bottoms etc..

Women's , Men's , Kids' , Brands , Bags , Sports , Luxury etc..

It offers men and women clothes.

Books , Mobiles, Cameras, Electronics, Computers, Apparel, Jewellery, Home-Kitchen, Baby, Toys, Gifts, Appliances.
Mobiles, Cameras, Computers, Gadgets, Automobiles, Home & Kitchen, Gifts, Fashion, Health, Home Decor, Toys , Nursery, Sports, Hobbies & Passion, Food & Beverages, Media, Baby Care & Maternity, Books

Home & Living, Fashion, Electronics, Supermarket, Kids & Baby, Gift Vouchers

Mobiles , TV & Video, Electronics and Computers, Home Appliances, Small Home/Kitchen Appliances, Health & Personal Care. 
Books, Mobiles & Accessories, Computers, Cameras, Gaming, Movies & TV Shows, Music CDs, DVDs & Vinyl, TV, Video and MP3 Players, Personal & Health Care, Home & Kitchen, Pens & Stationery

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Which country or city is more obsessed with internet porn?

Google trends is an amazing way to find how much any keyword is being search as per year as well as region. For example to find out which country is more porn obsessed just visit Google trends and type the keyword porn and you will see the results. 

Here you can see, Ireland tops the list. India is 4th and US is 8th. More shockingly for Indians, New Delhi is world's most Internet porn obsessed city.

10 online text sharing websites.

Just paste text, copy url and share text via social networking websites, email, messaging etc. Also best tool to surpass word limit for websites like Twitter, Facebook etc. Read more about best tool out of all these i.e Pastebin

An online paste tool: Pastebin.

Pastebin is an online paste tool. Here you can paste anything you want by giving it a title or just post it untitled. You can paste in the form of text, any computer language like c, javascript, css etc. The paste of text can be public or private. Public paste can be done anonymously whereas for private posting you have to login. Pastebin is  also used to post Twitter messages that contain more than 140 characters. Also With a Pastebin service, you can simply copy paste your text into the website and send link it to your friends by email, msg etc to share your text. This is useful that other social sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter because it doesn’t put any limit on number of words. So in a way it is best text sharing online tool. You can just send the link on social networking websites of your text you shared on Pastebin. 
For example if I have to write this complete post on twitter, I won't be able to post because it exceeds 140 characters. Now I can post this on pastebin and copy the link to and post it to twitter. So people who would click on that link can read my post.Here is the pastebin link.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Happy Bithday twitter.

Twitter started on March 21, 2006 and today Twitter has turned out to be six years old. Jack Dorsey, owner of this amazing social networking website sent the very first tweet saying “just setting up my twttr”. For this wonderful creation, in 2008, Jack Dorsey was in named to the MIT Technology Review TR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35. Six years back this idea of twitter came into an existing website. Did you know that it took about 1.5 years for the first 500,000 users to sign up and more than tree tears to reach 1 billion tweets. And now today a billion Tweets are tweeted in 8 days. How amazing is that. Over the years it has established and people from the field of politics, business, movie stars, music from all over the world has joined it and so the users following these star continued to join and making this as a worldwide social networking platform. Today it has Over 350 million users. On its 6th birthday twitter said:
The people who use Twitter make it special because for any interest we might have, somebody is tweeting about it. We're lucky to have so many people using Twitter in so many interesting and important ways. This month, I celebrated my own birthday. It's a gift to be able to work with some of the most talented, thoughtful, and smart people I've ever known. It's because of them that my life has been made better. 
Happy Birthday, Twitter—and thank you.

Top young internet enterprenuers

1. Mark Zuckerberg (www.facebook.com)

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most powerful person on internet. He is world's youngest billionaire. Facebook is most widely used social networking website globally. It was started by Mark at Harvard from where he dropped out to built his own company.

2. Kevin Rose (www.digg.com)

Digg is a social news website which allows people voting the posts. Digg started out in November 2004 by Kevin Rose. While younger, Kevin worked as a breadstick maker at a restaurant. And now today, digg is one of the top earning blogs.

3. Matt Mullenweg (www.wordpress.com)

WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. Mullenweg attended the University of Houston and majored in Political Science before he dropped in 2004 to pursue at job at CNET Networks. It has many features such as widgets, themes, plugins etc. It is the most popular blogging platform on internet.


4. Pete Cashmore (www.mashable.com)

This is another content based blog which is earning really very high. He grew up in Banchory,[2] and founded Mashable in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2005 at age 19.  This blog has articles about Social Media, Tech, Business, Entertainment, US & World etc..

5. David Karp(www.tumblr.com)

Tumblr is also another blogging platform similar to wordpress. It was launched on April 27, 2007. Within two weeks of its launch, the service had gained 75,000 users. he was named to the MIT Technology Review as one of the top 35 innovators in the world.


6. Noah Everett(http://twitpic.com)

Heis the founder of the popular image upload website, TwitPic. His website has become popular with the growth of the social media website Twitter.


7. Blake Ross (http://www.mozilla.com)

Ross is is an American software developer who is known for his work on the Mozilla web browser. I think everyone is aware of what mozilla is. In 2005, he was nominated for Wired magazine's top Rave Award, Renegade of the Year


8. Anthony Volodkin(http://hypem.com)

Its a music blog. Every day, thousands of people around the world write about music they love  and it all ends up here on this blog.


9. Richard Ludlow(http://academicearth.org)

A website that provides video courses from prestigious universities.


10. Shama Kabani (http://www.marketingzen.com)

The Marketing Zen Group is a full-service digital marketing firm dedicated to providing strategy and implementation services for businesses

Windows keyboard shortcuts.




(Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin)

CTRL while dragging an item 
(Copy the selected item)

CTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item 
(Create a shortcut to the selected item)

A dating websites for Indians: Indiandating.com

Indian Dating is a new web site gaining popularity among Indians. It's really a good news for Indian single to find a proper match for a date. This is not like other annoying websites which ask questions and then make a match as per likes and dislike. This actually allow you to interact with others local users and decide yourself whether you are compatible or not. There are two types of memberships standard and deluxe.
In standard membership you can do do the following
  1.  Invite members by sending your profile link
  2. The MatchMaking
  3. Profile forwarding
  4. look which Members are searching for you
  5. Block members 
  6. Attend Live events
In deluxe you have lot more features in addition to standard ones:
  1. One to one messaging..
  2. Attach a photo to contact messages.
  3. Preference to your profile in searches and your profile text is bold.

 Match maker emails you compatible person for you, however you can always perform a search and send your profile link. There is an option of advanced search which allows you to search as per criteria like age, height, body type, complexion, habits etc.. Other similar websites are:

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A new way to manage you tabs: Firefox showcase.

Firefox showcase is an extension add on which allows you to view al your tabs as thumbnails and thus helps to manage or locate them easily. It also has a find button to search the bar you want. In a way thumbnails of tabs becomes similar to that of files in windows. Therefore providing much easier way to manage them hence you can now surf internet limitlessly without worring about number of tabs you have opened because now you can easily locate or search them using Firefox showcase extension.

10 Video sharing platforms.

Tunebug: amazing device for listening to music.

It is a device which gets connected to Mp3 player or Mobile phone by bluetooth and the most amazing thing is that you can listen to music while riding a bike, how cool is that. The Tunebug Shake is an ultra-portable sound generator and when mounted on a bike, skate or snowboard helmet, the Shake creates a surround sound experience. Surround sound “soundsphere” wouldn’t completely cut me off from the outside world and would let you do both ride bike as well as listen to music and that too without any wire stuff. It is touch sensitive and lets you easily control volume or turn it on or off.You can purchase it here.

Access Pandora from any country and listen to online music.

Pandora is one of the best websites providing online music. However, this is available for people in US. As this application through our IP detects our location and therefore doesn't allow us to access it. Here is the solution for this problem. Use Firefox browser because it is the best to escape this problem. Now just install HTTPS Everywhere add on and you are done. Visit Pandora and keep rocking. This extension provides you with secure browsing and all the websites that support it lets you access it.

Pintile: sharing pics and videos pinterest way for Indians.

Pinterest is worldwide success and now a local clone of it called Pintile has emerged which allows users to share things the way it was in Pinterest. Users can post Indian pics and videos. Visitors can repin, like or comment on it. You can check out the categories of pics and videos you want to see on the top of homepage of this website. It also has a search box to make it easier for you to find content of your interest. Login with Facebook and Google account is allowed. Since it is copied version and is of local use(for India only as it has content relevant for Indians) therefore it hasn't acquired tremendous success like Pinterest. But still it's a great  Pictures and video sharing platform for Indians.

Common errors that can ban your Adsense account.

Adsense is really an awesome earning machine. You can write what ever for like and you get paid for advertisments as pay per click. But there are many people who loose their adsense account by commiting one of the following mistakes. Just check them out and make sure you don't fall prey to such errors. 

1. Clicking on ads by yourself:
You might be smart but not smarter than Google, If you repeatedly click on ads on your website in order to generate revenue( as it is pay per click) or ask few of your friends to do so then Google will easily locate these suspicious clicks and get your account in trouble. However infrequent accidental clicks are not the reasons to be worried. Also you may see any other unknown person intentionally clicking on ads of your website in order to make your account banned, in that case you can report this to Google here.

2. Plagiarism and copying content:
If the content owner report against you by filing a DMCA report for copying his/her website content  then you are likely to loose your adsense account and would probably never get it back. This copyright concept is applicable for contents, images and even youtube videos. 

3. Begging visitors for clicking on ads:
You might think that if you ask people who visit your website to click on ads then you are fallen inside your own traps. Google wouldn't take much time to detect such illegal statements on your websites and you would be in trouble.

4. Invalid content:  Following are the cases of invalid content.
Excessive profanity
Hacking/cracking content
Gambling or casino-related content
sales of hard alcohol, drugs, weapons etc.. 

5. Getting multiple adsense accounts:
Google allows only one account per person and trying to create multiple adsense account will ban all your accounts. 

6. Modifying Adsense advertisements and ad placement:
One can use any placement or position of ads on website but placing ads on inappropriate positions like pop-ups, emails or software would be detected. Also Ads must not be altered in such a way that targeting or delivery of ads is manipulated in any way that is not permitted by Google. For example clicking Google ads may not result in a new browser window being launched, nor may Google ads be placed in an IFRAME.

7. Publicly show your adsense income:
You are not supposed to show exact amount of your earning figures. So better don't do that in the form of any text or video or screenshots. If in any case you display your adsense screenshot then make sure that your earnings numbers, your Google AdSense ID and your e-mail are hidden.

Also note that if you get your account banned then it is very difficult to get back your account. If you account is disabled check these general doubts.

An adsense Youtube conflict.

You probably might be watching Youtube videos and if you like any video and you want that particular video to be on your blog and website, you can easily get it. Its just so easy, click on embed>>share>>copy the code and paste it on your blog. That's how Youtube is, sharing vidoes all over the internet. And its beneficial to your blog. Since YouTube videos are often more explaining and will keep visitors on your site for longer, which will  enhance your your traffic and search engine rankings. Therefore you might be more encouraged to do so. But is it really beneficial?
 Here comes the paradox if you are using another of Google services for yor blog, called adsense then you must know that Adsense says, all the publisher who copy contents of others and publish unoriginal content will not be approved for adsense program. Now here comes the dilemma. Can we embed Youtube videos to our website? Now that is sure not originally your, in a way you are producing unoriginal content. But on the other way then what's is use of Youtube embed button. And why it's put over their. For sure Youtube allows you to embed videos (if uploader has enabled embed option). Some people say that it is not infringing of any copyright law as it is just an embedded link the actual video is being played on Youtube website. Still its not mentioned officially by Google that whether its the case of infringement or not.

Here comes the main issue. Can adsense ban your account for embedding videos on you website? In that case I would say probably no. Since I have seen many high earning blog and websites with embedded videos on it. But here is the word of caution, if you website mainly does embedding videos and nothing much other than that then you are taking a risk and likely can be banned. The only way to escape this ban is to be original. For more information on common errors which can make your adsense account banned click here.

Tired of clicking forward and then moving back on webpages, try cooliris preview.

Cooliris preview is really a cool app that provides you facility to see through the link without leaving the current page. That is, you can see what page some particular link correspond to. You would be able to see the entire page that a particular link will take you to and this page preview of link will appear on the same page. In a way this solves your problem of checking link and then moving back to original page in case you don't like the page of that particular link. Using Cooliris preview it is so easy to navigate through pages by clicking on only those links whose page preview you like. This is more useful when we are looking on some search content and we have to either open up a new tab to check if the content corresponding to particular link is desirable or not or we have to move back and forth. Cooliris preview does it so simple by providing you page preview of all the links. To get page preview, just mouse over that link and and the Cooliris preview window immediately appears to show you the content. Also you can see multiple previews simultaneously. You can even get preview of video link and watch entire video without actually moving to a new page. No need of clicking back and forth or losing your search results. You can get it here as an add on to your firefox browser.
>>>click here to download this firefox extension<<< 

How Google makes money when it offers everything for free.

You might be wondering that all the services that Google provides such as mail, search, youtube, maps, mobile apps, chrome, Google images, calender, Google groups etc (check Google products and services for the entire list) are for free. So how they generate figures like this.
Revenue increase US$ 37.905 billion (2011)
Operating income increase US$ 11.632 billion (2011)
Profit increase US$ 9.737 billion (2011)
Total assets increase US$ 72.574 billion (2011)
Total equity increase US$ 58.145 billion (2011 )

Monday, 19 March 2012

How To Make Money With Hubpages

Hubpages is a good platform which helps you to make money. Create an account and start writing. More people will read your hubs, more click on ads you will get and more money you will make. Though the earnings are trivial and you reqire a lot of patience to actually earn some substantial amount but still you can explore your writing talent. You can hub on topics like “how to make money online” etc.. which people are mostly interested to read. There are many ways you can make money on hubpages. These are listed as: