Wednesday, 30 May 2012

STORY PLOT#1 - Love of my life.

 Love of my life
(Love and music)
A boy (named rohit)  living a totally messed up life, wants to inherit his rich dad's money but his dad wants him to become something on his own. Also his dad strongly prohibits to ever be influenced by her mother's (who died in frustration and depression) crap musical interests. His girlfriend (Sonali) leaves him for the reason that he is too pathetic for that. And in a reckless phase of life he decides to join music school and there he finds a cute girl (Ankita) who is an ardent God's devotee. She lives a confined life and has many family restrictions. Their music teacher is too passionate about music, poems, emotions and life. He teaches them the real significance of life which affects Rohit and Ankita to discover a new way of life. Later they both fall in love to be happy. However, they discover that Ankita is suffering from cancer and will be dead soon. After a few months of pain and traumas he becomes a popular musician and refuses to be associated to his family. Thereafter he dedicates a song to his only beloved girl, Ankita and after few months, he dies due to drug overdose.

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