Tuesday, 20 March 2012

An adsense Youtube conflict.

You probably might be watching Youtube videos and if you like any video and you want that particular video to be on your blog and website, you can easily get it. Its just so easy, click on embed>>share>>copy the code and paste it on your blog. That's how Youtube is, sharing vidoes all over the internet. And its beneficial to your blog. Since YouTube videos are often more explaining and will keep visitors on your site for longer, which will  enhance your your traffic and search engine rankings. Therefore you might be more encouraged to do so. But is it really beneficial?
 Here comes the paradox if you are using another of Google services for yor blog, called adsense then you must know that Adsense says, all the publisher who copy contents of others and publish unoriginal content will not be approved for adsense program. Now here comes the dilemma. Can we embed Youtube videos to our website? Now that is sure not originally your, in a way you are producing unoriginal content. But on the other way then what's is use of Youtube embed button. And why it's put over their. For sure Youtube allows you to embed videos (if uploader has enabled embed option). Some people say that it is not infringing of any copyright law as it is just an embedded link the actual video is being played on Youtube website. Still its not mentioned officially by Google that whether its the case of infringement or not.

Here comes the main issue. Can adsense ban your account for embedding videos on you website? In that case I would say probably no. Since I have seen many high earning blog and websites with embedded videos on it. But here is the word of caution, if you website mainly does embedding videos and nothing much other than that then you are taking a risk and likely can be banned. The only way to escape this ban is to be original. For more information on common errors which can make your adsense account banned click here.

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