Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tired of clicking forward and then moving back on webpages, try cooliris preview.

Cooliris preview is really a cool app that provides you facility to see through the link without leaving the current page. That is, you can see what page some particular link correspond to. You would be able to see the entire page that a particular link will take you to and this page preview of link will appear on the same page. In a way this solves your problem of checking link and then moving back to original page in case you don't like the page of that particular link. Using Cooliris preview it is so easy to navigate through pages by clicking on only those links whose page preview you like. This is more useful when we are looking on some search content and we have to either open up a new tab to check if the content corresponding to particular link is desirable or not or we have to move back and forth. Cooliris preview does it so simple by providing you page preview of all the links. To get page preview, just mouse over that link and and the Cooliris preview window immediately appears to show you the content. Also you can see multiple previews simultaneously. You can even get preview of video link and watch entire video without actually moving to a new page. No need of clicking back and forth or losing your search results. You can get it here as an add on to your firefox browser.
>>>click here to download this firefox extension<<< 

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