Tuesday, 27 March 2012

All TV episodes at one place.

With internet booming, you see that you can find everything on internet. Watch shows and serials at TV has become obsolete. A new way to do this is http://www.youtube.com/shows. Here you can get most of the TV shows absolutely free. On TV we have to be on time to watch a particular show else we miss it. However on Youtube you can watch whenever you are free or whenever you feel like to watch. Even those episodes which were shown months before can be seen here. As you can see on that link, there are so many youtube channels providing you with so many serials.  You can chose to watch them or even download them to watch it later. Also if you like any particular one, you can watch it multiple times. Isn't that cool. Youtube brings it all to you and it really makes it easy. Few of my favorite one which i watch on here are Crime Patrol and CID. Check out are your favorite ones available or not. This service of Youtube is growing and over a period of time you will see TV getting out of picture. In fact today we can see even televisions turning so many facilities of internet. In a way both are blending into one complete solution to needs of public.

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