Sunday, 25 March 2012

An online paste tool: Pastebin.

Pastebin is an online paste tool. Here you can paste anything you want by giving it a title or just post it untitled. You can paste in the form of text, any computer language like c, javascript, css etc. The paste of text can be public or private. Public paste can be done anonymously whereas for private posting you have to login. Pastebin is  also used to post Twitter messages that contain more than 140 characters. Also With a Pastebin service, you can simply copy paste your text into the website and send link it to your friends by email, msg etc to share your text. This is useful that other social sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter because it doesn’t put any limit on number of words. So in a way it is best text sharing online tool. You can just send the link on social networking websites of your text you shared on Pastebin. 
For example if I have to write this complete post on twitter, I won't be able to post because it exceeds 140 characters. Now I can post this on pastebin and copy the link to and post it to twitter. So people who would click on that link can read my post.Here is the pastebin link.

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